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Through our professional consultancy services we assist SME business owners to develop and grow their businesses to a new level. We provide our services over an initial 12 month period and if requested, we are available to provide ongoing services after the end of the initial engagement. We also publish free weekly business articles written expressly for business owners seeking to grow their businesses. Go to http://rhodanmc.blogspot.com to access the current and recent articles.


We offer, for a relatively modest annual fee, the opportunity for you and your business to leverage off our Unique Insights into business success; Insights which we are making available to guide and support you on an ongoing basis, as you and your team travel along the exciting path to achieving the realistic goals we will assist you to set for the future growth of your business.

How we will actually help you and your business will vary depending on your personal skill set, your own management style, where your business sits in its life cycle, the resources you are able to access both internally and externally, your risk profile, the capacity of your business to change, your willingness to step outside of your own comfort zone, and the level of motivation you possess to make it all happen.

The nature of the assistance provided will therefore be different for each of our consulting clients, however, every client will receive the same degree of professional assistance and the same level of time allocated to them and their business.

You can expect that we will be placing a high degree of emphasis in helping you work more on your business than in your business, and that we will also run a critical eye over your own performance in order to determine where changes in your own methods of operating may be beneficial for yourself, your team, and your business.

We do not operate to prescriptive processes or under any particular business coaching model. We see ourselves as guides and supporters, as well as facilitators of whatever it is that you need to access externally, or develop internally, to grow both yourself and your business.

We bring to the table real and extensive management and business experience, wide networks of business contacts, and solid exposure to a wide range of industry and government sectors.

We are also well qualified and hold memberships of key professional organisations for Directors and Managers.


We fit in with our clients availability and are reasonably flexible as to ensuring that we fit in with the rythym of the businesses we are assisting, so that daily processes are not impacted on to a detrimental level through our involvement.

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